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What is a VTKN?

VTKN is a form of cryptocurrency known as a "Token".


Reason for it being called a token is because of how we intend it to be utilised, as a virtual currency. This means it has no physical form but exists solely in digital cyberspace. This means we can provide veterans with personal accounts and support budgets made up of VTKN's to purchase the support services that they need when they need them, supported and advised by members of the ExFor+ C.I.C. team. This also means that they can manage their own support without the need to be provided with a physical cash asset that could be utilised for the wrong purposes. 

What is a VCoin Worth?

VTKN being digital and intangible has no intrinsic value, we do however wish to make the VTKN system work and easy to understand. And we will provide clear and easy value graphs moving forwards.  This means when you purchase a VTKN package below you will know how much your VTKN purchase equates too and how much you have to utilise, the veterans benefit also by knowing how much they have within their personal budget account and the organisations who work with VTKN will also know exactly how much they can exchange a VTKN for with ExFor+ C.I.C. who are a not for profit and will manage the payments of physical currency to the organisations who have accrued VTKN's by providing support to veterans.


VTKN being a form of cryptocurrency known as a "Token" means we can provide veterans with individual accounts that utilise cryptographic algorithms and are a proven technology that provides an incredibly robust and secure way for veterans to maintain their personal budgets. Meaning only those who ExFor+ C.I.C. have confirmed as veterans can utilise these accounts to purchase veteran specific support. 

As a cryptocurrency VTKN comes with all the benefits that are associated with these currencies, VTKNs will only be provided to those who have been confirmed as veterans through ExFor+'s ID verification service ( Veri-Tags ) VTKNs are traceable and provide transparency, through what is known as a blockchain, this means they can only be utilised for their intended purpose; "The Support of Veterans" with the organisations that have signed up to utilise the VTKN enabling veterans to decide what they want to have or engage with, by way of support. This means VTKN provides a level of transparency to the veterans support sector that has never before been seen. 

VTKN enables centralisation of support funding meaning that we all know what is being spent, when, where and how. Providing accountability and clarity, this is something the veterans support sector has been lacking for many years, as Investors in Veterans we wish to make sure that those who have served their country and sacrificed so much are supported appropriately, timely and effectively. With Veterans being provided personal accounts they can also purchase private medical health care with organisations who have signed up to accept VTKNs expediting the care and support they receive for service attributable injuries. 

Where can I buy VCoin?

With VTKN utilising a permission only blockchain to maintain the integrity of the system, you can sign up to be a "purchaser" of the coin and then make a virtual transaction either directly to veterans or you can add them to the pool on the following wallet ID: **** **** **** **** of VTKN that Investors in Veterans and ExFor+ C.I.C. will manage for the purposes of supporting veterans when they need to be supported.    

To make this process simpler we have provided a number of links for you to access to sign up as a "purchaser" and a number of video tutorials to show how to utilise your new found ability to have direct positive support to those who need it, when they need it. 

Become a Purchaser
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