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Who are Investors in Veterans?

Investors in Veterans are; You, Me, Organisations and those who understand that; they have the freedom to live in a country that is free, one that has been protected by those who have been willing to sacrifice the most.

The future for Veteran support:


Investors in Veterans have decided not to be developed as a charity but as a Social Business for a number of reasons, these are:​

  • We want to keep our organisation lean

  • We want to provide a voice for veterans and make sure that they're supported to the best that they can be.

  • We want as much of the money generated from voluntary subscriptions and support payments to go to veterans; charitable status and the requirements it comes with would detract from this

  • We aim to provide 100% of the net proceeds of subscriptions, to larger organisations to support veterans, this would be incompatible with charitable status

  • We want our support for those who currently serve and those who are veterans to be speedy and effective, with no red tape

Our goals are to provide:

  • Employment

  • Self Employment

  • Education

  • Personal Development

  • Private Medical Health care as and when needed

  • Transitional employment

  • In-employment support services

The above services will be provided through ExFor+ C.I.C. who are a Not for Profit organisation. All funds will be given and provided on a basis that they are veterans-supporting-veterans. ExFor+ will employ service leavers and veterans, with an aim of providing all the above benefits, dependent on funding and support received.

Investors in Veterans utilise PayPal. Please do not let this put you off in anyway; Investors in Veterans gives 100% of net proceeds to veterans, to support veterans.

At present PayPal charge a credit/debit card transaction fee at £0.23p on a £1 subscription - Investors in veterans receives £0.77p for each £1 subscribed. 100% of this is gifted to ExFor+ C.I.C. and 100% of this is used to support and employ veterans. The only money taken out of the subscription is the PayPal fee.

Some charities within the sector provide less than 60% of the donations that they receive to the support of veterans wellbeing and welfare. We will not allow this for Investors in Veterans.

If you would like to support Investors in Veterans and be known and recognised as an "investor in veterans" through our website for supporting those who have often invested so much in the country by sacrificing their health, wellbeing and at times their futures please do visit:

For Individuals:

For Organisations:

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