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Military personnel

Get your Organisation on the path to success:

Learn, Support, Utilise and Grow 

Investors in Veterans ® is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom  

A Symbol for:

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Who support their communities and staff that have served.

"For the demonstration of commitment to support and management of the Veteran community within civilian businesses, organisations and charities"


Investors in Veterans are the sole provider of the I.I.V symbol. We will hold Annual Awards that outline the best in veteran support and management. 


Awards will be for the recognition of what it takes to; Learn, Support, Utilise and Grow with the veteran community. For long-term and sustainable results.

"Investors in Veterans provides. A single point of contact for; businesses, organisations and charities to engage with veterans and their families. whilst they are within employment enabling expedited access to the veterans support sector"



Investors In Veterans has grown from the understanding of the Veteran support sector, from when an individual has been medically discharged from service or left due to their own choice or end of service, but then needs to be able to navigate back to a long term and sustainable way of living.


Investors In Veterans enables organisations to understand the unique and significant complexities of a Veteran but yet provides the ability to outline the skills, experience and dedication that veterans embody, and how an orgnisation can best engage and support them and the community in which they live.


Investors In Veterans is the sole provider of a distinct symbol that shows that veterans and their communities are placed at the forefront of an organisations and communities mind for support, along with providing their future employers with the skills and abilities to understand, support and utilise the Veteran employees to the best of their abilities and unique skills and characteristics to enable long-term and sustainable cohesion and growth.

  • Strategy & development

  • Corporate identity 

  • Veteran Incorporation 

  • ​Operations Management

  • ​Corporate flexibility

  • ​IT Management

  • ​Sustainability

  • ​Strategic Planning

  • ​Branding

  • ​Recruitment Support

  • Business Coaching

  • Understanding the Armed Forces Covenant

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