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Investors in Veterans 

Why should I/We (person or persons with authority within an organisation) subscribe to Investors in Veterans?

By subscribing to Investors in Veterans you will receive:

  • the ability to utilise the Investors in Veterans symbol on all your promotional materials including; your website, leaflets and job adverts

  • the ability to enter your organisation into the future Investors In Veterans Awards (Whilst within paid subscription period)

  • the ability to show your organisation wants to support and invests in those who have served their country

  • to aid in advertising that you are a veteran friendly employer

  • know that you have made a significant positive change to the veteran community

  • know that you have supported service leavers and veterans into transitional employment with ExFor+ C.I.C. as 100%* Net Proceeds from the fee will be gifted/donated to ExFor+ C.I.C. (Community interest company number 09647390) to employ and support more service leavers

  • the ability to engage with veterans who are working with ExFor+ C.I.C. and offer/discuss your future employment opportunities with them. ExFor+ C.I.C. are a transitional employer of service leavers creating a specialist talent pool but most importantly supporting the veteran to transition effectively

*As Investors in Veterans is a Ltd Company and we utilise PayPal for our subscription payments and management of these, there may be a small admin fee payable to PayPal to process payments, however all Net Proceeds from subscriptions will be gifted directly to ExFor+ C.I.C. to employ service leavers. 

Who are? and what do ExFor+ C.I.C. do?

What is the cost of Investors In Veterans?

The subscription fee helps show your support to those who are leaving service, the fee for Investors in Veterans Subscription is: (£500.00 per annum (+ VAT))


Net Proceeds of which will be utilised to support service leavers and veterans as well as providing the opportunity to enter transitional employment when and after leaving service with ExFor+ C.I.C.

Before subscribing: 

Please select and complete the following:

before you proceed with your subscription we would like to ask if you agree with the following statements, if you do? please tick the boxes as this will be the first step towards the Investors in Veterans accreditations:

we want to show that we support those who have sacrificed for our country and the safety we are able to enjoy

we acknowledge that we want to be known as an organisation that has become a member and are happy for our details to be noted on the investors in veterans symbol holders page found here

we want to advertise that we proactively support our veteran community

we accept that there is no financial return for subscribing to Investors in Veterans and the terms of the cancellation policy found here

by subscribing we acknowledge that we want to learn, support, utilise and grow with the veteran community and are happy to be contacted about the further services to aid us in doing so found here

by subscribing we acknowledge that we will be contacted by Investors in Veterans and want them to support us in achieving the best support for veterans within the work place and have read the Investors in Veterans privacy policy found here and the Data protection policy found here

we acknowledge that we will be subscribing to a yearly payment, that is set to renew until we choose to cancel it. We recognise that for us to maintain our ability to access the benefits of Investors in Veterans we need to be paid Subscribers. If our intention is to cancel or end our Subscription with Investors in Veterans, we will remove the Investors In Veterans symbol from all of our promotional materials including website, leaflets and job adverts.** cancellation policy found here

** if we fail to remove all symbols from any and all promotional materials that carry the Investors in Veterans symbol after a 21 day cooling off period after the end date of subscription, we accept that Investors in Veterans may seek to undertake legal action to recover costs, damages, expenses incurred, from ourselves the subscribed; holder or organisation. 

Once you have clicked submit and gone through the subscription purchase process you will be directed to create a  login for your organisation, corporate or charity, this is a prerequisite to access your account and your digital "certificate of commitment" will be issued in PDF Format within 48 working hours. if you have any questions please contact us on:

Thank you for letting us know you want to support veterans, we look forward to working with you, you will now be forwarded to the subscription page

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