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Supporting you as an employer of veterans.....

• to support and understand your team members whilst they are in the work place 

• to aid their career and recovery with signposting and engagement with charities

• by enhancing the work place environment with Health & Wellbeing of your staff 

• to increase effective communication increasing staff and business productivity

• to reduce; time off, redundancies and unemployment

The Investors in Veterans service is primarily focused at employers of veterans and service leavers. However, if you are looking to employ new members of staff that may be veterans we can also help and support in the recruitment process. 


If you are reading this as a veteran needing support whilst within employment please do not hesitate to contact us or make your employer aware of our specialist support service . 


Many employers are advised of the benefits of employing veterans and service leavers, these benefits are often significant and outweigh the stigma often attached to individuals leaving the Armed Forces or Uniformed Public Services.

However prevention is often better than cure, if and when an issue arises. Will you as an employer or as a member of staff be able to understand a veterans issues or difficulties? ways of thinking? and backgrounds? to resolve any need quickly and efficiently. 

As an employer you will be looking at ways in which to remove or mitigate against prospective difficulties that your work force may face before they arise, aiding you to achieve your goals, you want a higher level of productivity within your organisation/business and you want your staff to feel supported within their work.


Our aim is to reduce the associated costs and expenses incurred from; time off, redundancy, recruitment, training and staff development and sickness.

How will this be achieved? 

Through having a Investors in Veterans Progression coach/adviser/mentor attending the veterans place of work to make sure that they are supported to the best of their abilities.

Benefits of working with Investors In Veterans ...​

  • aiding veterans to maintain and excel in their new roles

  • aiding in the prospective increase of productivity

  • direct veteran support at the place of employment

  • supporting Employers to access support for veterans and service leavers from the right services

  • showing that you are a veteran friendly employer and recognise their skills and abilities g

  • gaining significant experience and skills from highly trained effective team members

  • giving back to those who have sacrificed for their country

  • recognition on the national database of veteran friendly employers

  • immediate and effective support for veterans and service leavers

  • a direct point of contact that is able to aid you in understanding the veteran community

Veterans and service leavers are very capable and well respected individuals, their transferable skills and experiences from service are a benefit to any employer. However, should you be an employer of individuals that are known to be veteran or service leavers, please do make contact.




This is about maintaining an effective, highly trained and productive individual to be the best that they can be within their next steps in the civilian world of employment and their next career.


The elite sports cars of this world, need regular servicing and maintenance to get the best out of the high performance machines, it may be comparable to the support needed for those who have left service.


"To get the best from anyone or anything they need to be supported to be able to achieve this."


As an employer if you would like to support those who you employ that are are veterans of HM Armed Forces or former Uniformed Public Service personnel, do not hesitate to make contact.  

What does it cost to work with Investors In Veterans ...​?

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