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 Invest in Veterans directly by subscribing or providing a one off supporting payment to change their lives!

Investors in Veterans are wanting to get as much by way of support to the frontline (The Veterans) we are helping to raise money to support a Not For Profit organisation called ExFor+ C.I.C.


ExFor+ C.I.C. not only support veterans. They also look to employ them and give them a purpose once more. The one thing that all service leavers have in common is the fact that we all lose our job when leaving service. ExFor+ C.I.C. work hard to change veterans lives daily through direct support and transitional employment. The transitional employment, is changing not only veterans lives but is directed at changing the UK both socially and economically.

You can find out more about ExFor+ C.I.C. on their website:

Or via the below links:

We are offering below; a voluntary subscription service. Subscriptions for individuals are charged monthly at £1, on a monthly recurring basis. You can unsubscribe at anytime please do review our cancellation policy found here. With your subscription being a voluntary payment and with nominal return, it places your support outside the scope of VAT:

Please do read section 5.2 and 5.3 of the below link:

Investors in Veterans will give 100% of Net Proceeds from subscriptions, to ExFor+ C.I.C. so they can support and employ service leavers and veterans to create positive changes for other veterans and the UK both socially and economically. The more who voluntarily subscribe to support, the more guys and girls, ExFor+ C.I.C. can help.

It is the joint aim of Investors in Veterans and ExFor+ C.I.C. to support as many veterans as possible off of the streets back into homes, from being unemployed and economically inactive to being employed and supporting their communities! help us make the change.

Investors in Veterans will happily and freely note you on our website as an "Investor in Veterans" if you would like to be added to the list? please complete the fields on the "Thank You" page, after completing your subscription. you can find out who has supported here:

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