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A New Way to Support Veterans

Investors In Veterans

We have all been aware of the growth of the charitable sector directed at the Armed Forces Community, Investors In veterans is working towards creating change and aiding in the development of a single point of contact through ExFor+ C.I.C., ExFor+ will act as a transitional employer and support service for service leavers and veterans. We want to be placing the veteran at the forefront of everybody's minds; individuals, businesses, organisations, charities and international corporates.

Many are now seeing the veteran support sector as a way to generate an income and a job for life and are utilising veterans to drive charitable organisation growth and utilising the funds received through fundraising to create significant administrative levels, often diverting the donated funds for the support of the veteran away from the cause and the frontline that they are purporting to support.

Investors in Veterans is a web based platform with no staff and limited over head costs that are covered by the personal funds of the ExFor+ CEO (Simon Adams) so that there are no costs and 100% of your symbol purchase goes to supporting veterans, this allows you as an individual, business, organisation or corporate to know what your money is being utilised for ExFor+ which is owned and managed by Veterans supporting veterans.

Investors in Veterans has been set up by a medically discharged former Royal Marine who has also established ExFor+ C.I.C. the aim of ExFor+ is to be a transitional employer for service leavers and veterans. ExFor+ will be gifted the income generated from Investors in Veterans to employ and aid personal development and growth by providing eduction, training to veterans as well as all required support that they may need.

The aim of ExFor+ is to utilise the skills and experiences of service leavers and veterans to create positive national and international changes both socially and economically. If you invest in veterans you are also investing in the development of a strong, productive and creative work force and community.

As ExFor+ will be employing the service leavers and veterans and providing them with suitable education and training, as a business or organisation if you support Investors In Veterans you will be able to work with us freely to provide further employment for those who wish to move on from the support of ExFor+, however the beauty is that if they do not transition in to further employment they are welcome to come back to ExFor+ supported by Investors in Veterans meaning no loss of employment.

If we are able to successfully raise significant support through investors in veterans we aim to have a significant impact of a range of veteran and social difficulties and barriers:


Criminal Justice

Substance misuse


Mental Health

Physical Health

Along with this the support received will also be utilised to provide immediate treatments and support to veterans who are having difficulties from service by way of Mental Health.

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